Decorative papers

Gift wrapping paper ~ wallpaper ~ marbled paper ~ coverings ~ end-papers ~ screen printed ~ Dutch Gilt ~ flax paper ~ we can only stock a selection of the huge variety of papers that are widely available. Our aim is to provide smaller sizes or quantities than are available elsewhere, and at a comparable price.

For many papers we stock in rolls or large sizes, and cut down to 'sensible' sizes. Sensible,  here, means halves, quarters and even eighths.  Decorative papers are often made in the 'B' range of sizes rather than the 'A' series. This is useful for some hobbies, where hems ~ wraparounds ~ turnovers require and extra margin all round an 'A' sized item.

We will cut down to any size to meet reasonable orders, but the paper cost is based on the next 'sensible' size upwards. We expect customers to trim to their own exact size ~ we do not undertake precision cutting ~ but do allow for any errors..