Recycled Papers

Paper manufacturers are keen to use as much previously manufactured material as possible. On re-processing the fibres become too short and weak to make suitable paper. The quality becomes unacceptable if there is insufficient virgin fibre in the pulp ~ in practice there needs to be at least 50% of new  ~ unworked ~ material, which is invariably wood.

In the early days of recycled paper got a bad name because it did not perform adequately in use ~ it was coincident with the rapid rise of home and office printers.

Nowadays there are a great many excellent papers and cards with a high ~ and even novel ~ recycled content. Although there are great environmental benefits the financial savings of re-use are not of great benefit to the consumer. Some papers have occasional imperfections such as tiny spots of printing ink. We do have a further note on all this.

We would like to stock some of the huge range ~ and maybe will do so, eventually. For now we present just a few interesting papers that have come our way.