Craft knife right handed

Left handed, fixed handle, craft knife

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We find a knife like this to be useful for work where the flat side of the blade is important, as it is with a carpenter's chisel. We call the one illustrated a right-handed knife, but are not sure if that is a generally agreed definition. If that is to be a meaningful way of describing this knife then it is important to point out that we also sell a left-handed version!

A joiner frequently uses one of these instead of a pencil, especially when starting off a saw-cut. As a general purpose marking and cutting tool knives like this have, for many people, been replaced by the various knives with replacement blades. Fixed blade knives like this require the operator to have access to grinding, sharpening, and honing equipment (and the knowledge and skill to use it).

Any markings seen on the knife in the photograph may well be grease marks remaining from factory packaging. These knives are sent well ground and ready for final sharpening and honing to your own exacting standard.

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