Paring knife, English style, right handed

English style right handed paring knife

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The paring knife is a single blade, suitably tempered to provide one single-sided-ground, sharp, angled end. The grinding angles are termed left and right handed, being mirror images of each other. It refers to the way the knife is the more easily used, rather than to the preferred 'handedness' of the user.

In use the blade is held at a very close angle to the material (usually leather) being pared down. Some users find the wooden handle of a craft knife raises the angle too much, and so the blade has the appearance of being raw and unfinished. Some users wrap a few layers of tape around the handle to make round-off the edge corners (and add a touch of personalisation).

Our knives are sold as provided by the factory. In lay terms they are 'sharp'. In more detail they have been ground and sharpened but not yet honed or polished. If these terms are unfamiliar then readers are advised to read our further notes on sharpening. In particular any form of grinding with a high speed wheel will render the knife useless by destroying the temper of the steel.

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