Paring knife, French style, symmetrical curve

Paring knife ~ French style ~ symmetrical curve

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Paring knives with curved blades are known as French style, and the ones we sell are made by one of the leading French knife manufacturers. The cost shown excludes carriage ~ please arrange to pay for that in the same transaction.

All knives are ground and sharpened and are sharp. Expert users will need to hone, strop, and polish the blade ~ the final two stages of the ultimate sharpening process.

The handles on these knives is of natural, untreated wood. The blades may be covered with a smear of light grease which will need to be removed. As with all tool steels they may appear "stainless" and "rustproof" but they do need to be kept clean and dry.

Final honing and sharpening on leather strops or fine grit stones is fairly easy, but re-grinding is not advised for the unskilled or those lacking knowledge of tool steel. (A split second of grinding on an air-cooled electric grinder will ruin the temper of the blade for ever.) Straight edged paring knives ~ English style ~ are preferred by many users.

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