Khadi cotton rag

Khadi Papers are made by the Khadi Paper Company, based in India. The fibres used are the longest and strongest fibres obtained from their raw material which is cotton rag. Their raw material has already been through the many processes of making cloth. When tee shirts, and similar items, are made there is a substantial amount of waste, however carefully the shapes are arranged and cut out. This "waste" is converted into top quality paper-making pulp, and then mould-made by hand workers in the traditional way.

Khadi papers are acid free, and tub-sized to make them suitable for a wide variety of purposes.

The papers are available in a variety of weights, and we will cut to appropriate size from the largest sheets we stock, which is normally A2 ~ 420x594mm. There is usually a smooth or slightly rougher surface available. The latter will frequently show marks left by the drying blanket on which the newly made paper is laid in order to drain off the water. This makes the papers particularly attractive for some purposes - but less so for others. We cannot advise, other than to suggest you obtain a few sheets and experiment.

If we are to cut sheets for you we are likely to use a guillotine or knife, and so you will lose the deckle edge, which some people consider to be an important feature of their finished products. More on this here.