5cm x22 cm Neschen Filmoplast-T sticky rayon tapes

5cm x22cm Neschen Filmoplast-T sticky rayon tapes in eight colours

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These strong rayon tapes have a good sticky glue protected by a silicon paper backing. They are available in eight colours and two other widths ~ 3cm and 8cm.

We are selling them here by the length under several categories. 22cm will suit most paper back books ~ it is 1cm longer than an A5 long side, it is also a convenient size for posting since several such lengths can be posted at the Letter Rate.

*  You must select a postage rate. Up to four items will travel at Letter rate, five or more items will need to travel at Large Letter rate (because of thickness). You can put as many single items in the basket as the boxes selected by you.

For multiples of one item please add them singly to the basket and mark those after the first as 'collect' to avoid multiple postages. Check and edit that your requirements are correct on the view basket page before signing out. We regret that under-paid postage orders will be cancelled and refunded. We cannot guarantee to refund postages over-paid ~ please point it out to nudge us if it happens.

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