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catridge paper 110gsm 420x148.5 short grain

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This cartridge paper is suitable for most drawing materials including pencil. It is trimmed short grain so that when folded in half it is ready for sewing into a bookbinder's section (or signature).

In our opinion a quality paper must have a substance of 100gm or more, and so this would count as a thin cartridge paper, eminently suitable for bookbinding into journals or sketch books.

We cut down this paper by hand from larger sheets, and aim to be within plus or minus half a millimetre, and certainly within ISO cutting limits. We will provide a refund on any goods that exceed that.

We fold the paper in order to keep within Royal Mail size limits, which can save around £2 on postage, depending on quantity required. We can supply unfolded, but such carriage on such packagesis appreciably more expensive.

The paper is hand folded, which might introduce a small error. We assume that critical users will be trimming their books anyway, but anticipate that if left untrimmed there will be little error beyond that expected for carefully made handmade goods.

Our use of the words "hand folding" is also to mean that the fold is sharper than a  "loose fold"  (normally used for the papers which are just bent over to fit into packaging) but not creased with a bone folder. It is expected that the buyer will be realigning the fold, if necessary, before creasing down with the folder.

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