16xA5 CupCycle 140gsm white cartridge

Pack of 16 sheets A5 CupCycle 140gsm white cartridge paper

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A pack of 16 sheets of A5 140gsm white cartridge 'Cupcyle' upcycled paper made in England by James Cropper.

CupCycle paper is made from discarded coffee cups. The technicians at James Cropper Papers have managed to convert the mountains of cups that are collected from coffee shops. The ink and plastic liners are removed, then the cups are mashed-up, sterilised, re-pulped, sized, and re-formed into strong paper.

As with all recycled items, especially printed ones, there are occasional tiny dark spots within the sheet. They are not noticeable at first sight, and only appear on close inspection. In all other respects it is a good product. Ideally suited to all media.

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