Sheets and cut sheets of Hatakami paper

Sheets and cut sheets of Hatakami paper

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The paper we have on sale here is made by the Situala family who live in Jhapa, Nepal. We are able to import small quantities from time to time. It is a smooth surfaced acid free writing paper that is suitable for most craft purposes ~ although we recommend trying small quantities first of all. The shrubs from which it is made are not destroyed when the necessary branches are removed for paper-making, and so it has great sustainable credentials. The necessary shrubs only grow at altitude in the Himalayas and so the freight-miles are unavoidable.

The photos show a full size sheet and a quarter sheet ~ in each case with an A4 cutting mat. The featheriness of the deckle edge shows nicely in one of the pictures.

As with many natural handmade products there are small flecks of bark and other natural impurities in the paper. It is soft, strong, pleasant to feel and long lasting ~ decades and even centuries.

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