Lokta Marigold Petal A4 paper

Lokta Marigold Petal A4 paper

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These are A4 sheets with marigold petals ~ or a similar flower ~ scattered lightly into the fibres of the paper during manufacture. This paper is manufactured in Nepal, where Daphne bushes flourish at high altitude. Their bark is stripped off and processed into light ~ but very tough ~ paper. The bushes recover over a few years ~ making for a very sustainable product.

These sheets have been processed to have one side which is quite smooth. The petals appear mainly on the other side of the sheet. The paper has been trimmed to an exact A4~ with no deckle edge. It will work fairly satisfactorily in some printers ~ but we suggest a trial first of all.

Lokta paper is very light in weight. A4 sheets will be sent with some protection but a fair number are able to travel as a Large Letter of 100 gm or less. Please remember to add your chosen method of carriage ~ from our postal charges page ~ to your basket.

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