Rossi 1931

These notes apply to all the Rossi 1931 papers that are listed under this folder. 

Rossi, based in Borgo San Lorenzo, Florence, Italy has been producing stationery since 1931 and specializes in fine design in several areas ~ notably, here, in decorative wrapping and cover papers. These are printed litho and letterpress, and on a variety of paper weights and surfaces. The most common sheets in their catalogue are of size B1 (70x100cm, 28"x40") on 85gsm paper. Some, especially the letterpress sheets, are printed on B2 (50x70cm) and at thicker weights. They have modern interpretations of Rennaissance Florentine designs, antique images, mosaics, and large and small patterned sheets.

We stock a few B1 sheets, and a good range of B2 sheets. The larger sizes are difficult to handle and deliver without damage. In common with many retailers we also sell A2 sheets folded to B4. We appreciate that folds are not helpful for some uses. 

Once carefully wrapped the carriage costs on the larger sizes can outweigh that of the paper. B4 sheets (25x35cm) are available, but can also be expensive to send by Royal Mail since there is a large price-jump at that exact size. No allowance is available for protective wrapping.

We will fold, or trim, B4 down towards A4 (sufficient to post as a Small Parcel). The size A4 , or slightly larger, can be sent by Large Letter.

The B1 sheets are long-grain. Patterns with an "upright"design treat the short edge as the base. Patterns do not necessarily repeat in a standard way. Care is needed when choosing book covers, for example, so that the pattern falls in an acceptable way.

We are prepared to cut B2 sheets in two ways. "Normally" to give a "fat half" ~ two B4s joined on the long edge ~ or at right angles to "normal" to give a "thin half" ~ two B4s joined at the thin edge.

We have noticed that some sellers on the WWW describe their products as "half sheet" or "quarter sheet". Because of carriage difficulties most sellers are stocking B2 sheets, or B2 folded to B4. We have noticed some refer to the B2 sheets as "full size", whereas it is normally B1. When comparing prices it is necessary to check (especially if one price seems to be twice that of another equivalent.) 

We plan to have a guide which will categorize sheets ~ small or large patterns ~ thicker papers ~ two sided print ~ florals ~ children's. This is list unlikely to be ready until later in 2020, but they are being listed steadily, in no particular order, in the illustrations below.