Cotton bookbinding tape ~ unbleached ~ starched ~ 10mm wide ~ sold in 33m rolls

Cotton tape ~ starched ~10mm wide ~ priced per 33mroll

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Cotton tape such as this is used for bookbinding, and is available in other several widths ~ 13~16~19~25mm. Here it is sold in 33metre rolls. There is a separate listing for shorter lengths ~ by the metre.

This tape ~ at one centimetre in width ~ is probably too narrow for most uses above about 10cm of spine length. 

The stiffening ~ made by a rinse in starch solution ~ allows the tape to be handled more easily, especially if sewing without a frame. This tape is  unbleached and so slightly off-white or "natural".

The prices are for collect. Please add appropriate postage to your basket before checking out ~ otherwise we may have to cancel and refund your order. A length of one or two metres will travel as a Letter ~ anything more will (by the time it is protectively wrapped) need to be a Large Letter. A roll of this tape can travel as a LargeLetter of under 100gm.

The pink tape ~ illustrated ~ is not necessarily part of the sale ~ it is used for our convenience to keep the roll tidy. It is unstarched cotton tape ~ listed separately ~ and it has many other uses such as ties for portfolios, or for bundling papers (as in a solicitor's office).

All the tapes we sell are of acid-free quality.

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