FFA5V from A4 cross grain ~ CupCycling ~ 140gsm all media cartridge paper

FFA5V from A4 CupCycling 140gsm cartridge paper ~ cut to be cross grain

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By FFA5V we mean a single sheet of paper folded once to Finish as a Folio of size A5 in the Vertical format.

We have arranged to cut A3 sheets into halves to give packs of A4 paper which will fold better into the ~ vertical ~ portrait ~ upright format. Bookbinders prefer their folios to have the grain running parallel to the hinge - whicvh is what we are selling.

Our listing is for the 'collect' price and does not include the cost of carriage ~ which can be can be quite expensive. Because it is a 140gsm paper then sixteen sheets of A4 CupCycling weigh 140grams. Additionally we are aware that customers will not want papers to be crumpled or bashed in transit. We do not charge for safe wrapping but all the carriers work by overall weight or volume.

Please ensure that your order includes postage in the same basket. Because our bank charges for each payment they forward to us we cancel and refund orders which do not include payment. A guide to the likely costs follows ~ extra work is required from both buyer and seller to determine the fair and accurate carriage charge.

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