Chiyogami ~ Pink Cherry Blossom ~ per cm width

45 x1cm strips of short grain Chiyogami paper

Stock Status: 100 cm
Delivery Status: 1-3 days

Excluding Tax

This listing is for cut strips taken across the width of a whole sheet. The full sheet we are working from is 450x640, long grain. The base price ~ 15p ~ is for a very thin and not very useful strip. The cost of paper to cover a small book will be several pounds.

Our strips are measured as full width (45cm) and by your chosen height (in cm). We are not prepared to cut strips of less than 14cm. If you ask and pay for a strip of 15cm we will cut at about 155mm ~ leaving some spare to allow for errors of measurement or slippage out of square. We expect users to trim all our materials to their own specific requirements. The maximum for any one strip is that of a whole sheet ~ 64cm. Our stock may show more than that is available ~ but it will be in several sheets.

This method will enable purchasers to obtain the minimum amount of tis expensive material that will meet their needs. It is expected that bookcraft users will be following best practice and arranging for covers to be pasted with grain ~ and frequently pattern ~ to be running parallel to the hinge.

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