Chiyogami ~ Trellis ~ Blue

Chiyogami ~ Trellis ~ Blue

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We stock a small quantity of each of three Trellis patterns ~ Blue ~ Lavender ~ Orange.

We are offering cut sheets here. Looking at a sheet ~ with grain running vertically  ~ we are cutting cross grain strips that are the full width ~ x~ of the sheet. In this case the width is 48cm (occasionally a small white margin eats into this measurement). The full height ~ y ~ is 64cm

The standard dimensions we have chosen relate to covering papers for A-sized books. An A6 landscape ~ horizontal ~ book will require 105 plus 2x15 (for the turn-ins) = 135 ~ say 14cm y-height. A6 portrait will require 150+15+15=180 ~ say 18cm y-height.

For £2 you will get a sheet of size 48cm by 14cm. The intention is that the grain of the paper will run vertically on your book ~ as is best practice.

How many books you will be able to cover ~ or how many sheets to cover a book ~ will depend on whether you adopt full or quarter binding.

We are happy to cut to any other size ~ but please allow us time to work out the cost and to undertake the cutting.

Carriage on papers can present difficulties ~ mainly that of avoiding crumpling ~ and subsequent expense. These pre-cut widths can be rolled and safely packed in a Small Parcel. We plan to write a more detailed note on this.

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